HighPotentialWe work together with the management of your company to determine where our interventions are most critical in order to solve a crisis and create business improvements

What do we offer?

Quick Scan

Yupango reviews your critical success factors in a quick due-diligence

Interim Support

Yupango and its network partners are able to step ad-interim and provide you with hands-on support

Business Plan Development

We take the lead in developing a business plan that describes the road map for the future of the company

Management Changes

Where appropriate, we implement management changes and provide highly experienced professionals via our international pool

Supporting in funding the venture

Next to our own funding resources (limited amounts) we can prepare and manage investors introductions

Long Term Support

Our equity interest will ensure that we remain available long term to provide you with strategic or tactical support

What are we looking for?

High Potential Ventures

If you have an innovative business proposition fulfilling a clear customer need and in need of our support to create business improvements?


We are looking for companies with:

  • proven concept
  • having revenue and paying customers.
  • first profitable sales
Next Steps
Yupango is all about realizing aspirations. If you have an aspiring proposition and recognize the value of our support please send in your business plan or contact one of our Yupango offices:

Yupango Netherlands              Yupango Switzerland