EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs2Yupango offers a unique chance to participate in and direct a promising business proposition, together with a passionate & professional team with relevant experience and complementary skills

Are you a professional entrepreneur?

  • Are you optimistic, extraverted, enthusiastic, the dealmaker?
  • Are you used to creating, innovating and building recognized value around exciting opportunities?
  • Are you ambitious and determined; willing to kick down walls and to never, ever give up?
  • Are your interpersonal skills excellent and do you have an interest to learn as well as to teach?
  • Can you combine versatility, creativity and perseverance with unquestionable integrity?
  • Do you have a passionate drive, extraordinary energy and are you an independent self-starter?
  • Do you have the ability to take calculated risks, think on your feet, adapt and change?
  • Do you believe you can make it happen?
  • Do you have general management experience?

 Investment & Compensation


For your cash investment & sweat equity you will receive a share in the company. Your compensation will be fair, yet not excessive.


We strongly believe in showing commitment by considering a capital investment in the project you engage.

Next Steps – Team up with Yupango – A foundation for strong & successful growth.

If you feel attracted to our proposition please send in your CV or contact one of our Yupango offices:

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