AboutUsAbout Yupango

You up and go reflects our vision to support companies to reach their next phase of existence.

The business concept was inspired by the experiences of the individual team members having seen companies reinventing the wheel especially during those first difficult years.


Yupango’s Management Team is backed by a supervisory board with extensive experience in investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, human resources and general management. Yupango’s Management Team consists of three people with distinctly different yet complementary skills, knowledge, experience and characters.

If a particular expertise and/or service is not in-house, we connect a venture to external parties in our network. Yupango has established effective partnerships with – amongst others – legal, IT, recruitment companies, financial and idea sources as well as individual professional entrepreneurs. This enhances mutual understanding and the ability to work efficiently and effectively.

Strategic Leadership Skillsmanagement

  • General Management
  • Marketing / Branding
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Evaluation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • E-business & IT strategies


  • Re-organization
  • Information systems
  • International operations
  • Cultural sensitivities
  • Market opportunities
  • Company start-ups
  • Executing strategies